Blank Destacking System

A good Front-of-Line with manual and Specification fanner magnet positioning

Destacker System

The Front of Line with manual fanner magnet positioning will feedblanks into high-speed tandem press lines. Swivel arms are easy to handle by simply moving the fanner magnets manually towards the stack of blanks and secure them in place. Optionally, by using built-in compressed air nozzles, aluminium blanks can also be processed without loss in performance. Thanks to its modular design, the Front of line can be used in a newly installed turn-key system or for retrofit or completion of an existing press line automation system.

Blank destacking system Specification

Sheet loader 

(Steel & aluminium)

2 positions
Blank size up to 4500 mm × 2500 mm
Max. blank weight up to 5000 kg (2 x 10000 kg)
Steel pack size:  Up to Max Height 600 mm (including pallet)
Number of Magnet arm  Up to 6 sets/Cart for helping sheet separating
Destacker Type Fixed/Cart movable to Load