Press Line Transfer
A wide range of robot models are available in floor, shelf or overhead mounting configurations to  accommodate any die change system. Our robotic press tending solutions can be custom-designed to meet your   requirements with options such as high-speed part shuttles, hand-off or idle nest stations, robot-to-robot part flip over, vacuum, mechanical and magnetic grippers, automation tool change, and slide bases to facilitate die change.

Robots Press Line Automation Specification

Press Line Transfer

Robots press Line automation (Small Press) Specification

Press Capacity 45-150T

Center to Center 1800-2500mm.  

Payload  25 Kg.
Wide motion range 1440 mm.
Mounting Options Floor/Wall/Ceiling

Press Capacity 200-300T

Center to Center 2000-3500mm.

Payload  50 Kg.
Wide motion range 2061 mm..
Mounting Options Floor/Wall/Ceiling

Robots press Line automation (Side by Side Line) Specification

Press Capacity 1000-3000T

Center to Center 4500-6200 mm.

Payload  130 Kg.
Wide motion range 3474 mm.
Mounting Options Shelf-Mounted

Robots press Line Automation (Tandem Line) Specification

Press Capacity 1000-3000T

Center to Center 4500-6000 mm.

Payload  165 Kg.
Wide motion range 3140 mm..
Mounting Options Shelf-Mounted